Saturday, February 17, 2007

MORE THEN A BIT ONE SIDED. Michelle Malkin, in a post referenced earlier on this blog, addressed the latest mantra of the far left democrats that there is an equipment shortage -- more specifically an armor shortage -- for our troops in Iraq. Obviously they are setting the stage for keeping troops from deploying under Murtha's planned War on the War on Terrorism. Michelle thoroughly documents the falsity of the equipment shortage charge. While it was true at one time, that time was over a year ago.

Never ones to let the facts stand in the way of their attacks, the far left, led by none other then 'Chappaquidick' Ted, continues on the offensive. What Ted does is so outrageous it is funny. On his website, he proudly publishes the long winded "question" (really a speech with numerous erroneous factual assertions and a question mark at the end) on the armor issue that he posed to Army Chief of Staff General Schoomaker on Thursday at a Senate Hearing. What you will not find on the Kennedy's website is the answer of General Schoomaker -- though you will find the Army response on Malkin's post. How does anyone ever vote for Kennedy to represent them?

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