Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Framin' Fred - & See Fred E-Run. E-Run, Fred, E-Run

Apparently, Fred Thompson, the un-candidate, is getting the attention of his would-be opponents. They have sent a whole bunch of people with white collars and shovels to Nashville to mine for dirt. This according to Instapundit:

Nashville law circles were abuzz last week about professional snoops – either private investigators or opposition research political types - combing public records in Metro buildings looking for potential dirt on Thompson. Property records seemed to be at the top of their list.
And this also from Instapundit on Fred's likely unconventional e-strategy for campaigning:
Thompson, his wife and advisers in Washington and Tennessee also are drawing up plans for a new style of campaign that would rely heavily on technology and his celebrity status to avoid some of the slogging through the snow in Iowa and New Hampshire that is normally required of White House hopefuls.

The advisers say Thompson, who plays District Attorney Arthur Branch on NBC's "Law & Order," is researching ways to use technology -- including the Web, videoconferences and teleconferences -- to harness the enthusiasm for his candidacy among grass-roots bloggers and activists. The campaign also would rely on large events, such as those that have in part supplanted country-store campaigning for some in the Democratic field.

"Well-known candidates can do things a little differently," explained one adviser. "You show up, you're accessible, but you don't have to go to every county seat several times.

Originally, the idea of a late-start campaign for Thompson looked like something of a lark, but the phantom candidacy is accelerating.
This strategy apparently has the Instapundit's seal of approval. I concur.

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