Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fred Thompson on Tour

Or, as they put it at Hotline on call - the Tour De Fred. They are blogging on Mr. Thompson's trip to the House for a meet and greet with Congressmen. Hotline quotes Zach Wamp after the meeting:

On the field: “Fred Thompson actually has the ability to unite America, which our guys were saying was sorely needed.”

“They’re not getting the traction they need. They’re good people but frankly the race started so early that the momentum has been lost by some of them and people are looking for an alternative and they’re looking for more stature, they’re looking for someone who is presidential. Maybe it’s a time where our country is looking for somebody who didn’t crawl all over everyone else to try to become president.”

On social issues: “The conservatives say he checks the boxes but he also transcends our party. He reaches out to the middle. He brings Reagan Democrats back to our party. He has appeal that other candidates simply don’t have.”

If he’s running: “The man that came to see us today, in my view, is preparing to run for president.”

Read the Hotline post here. My own thoughts - Fred Thompson has common sense conservatism and a Reaganesque ability to communicate with thoughfulness and clarity. The importance of the latter cannot be underestimated, particularly in today's climate where one of the greatest failings of the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress has been an almost terminal inability to communicate or to answer the endless attacks of the left. It makes it all the easier to appreciate what Mr. Thompsom brings to the table.

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