Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Perfect Islamic Storm . . . By the Numbers

Gates of Vienna has an incredibly sobering post about inevitability of the Islamicization of Europe - or of civil war - based on census figures, birthrates, immigration from Muslim countries, and emigration of native occidentals.

If I were to tell you that within twenty years Europe could find itself engaged in a civil war so bloody it made WWII look like a bun fight, you might logically consider me a candidate for the men in white coats. You would be wrong, however. Based on the demographic evidence collated for this article, such a scenario looks not merely possible, but inevitable. In 2005 European males aged 20-40 outnumbered Muslim males of a similar age by 18:1. By 2025 this ratio could drop to a mere 2:1.

. . . This loss of almost one third of tomorrow’s generation necessitates massive immigration in order to prop up our welfare states, the majority of which is set to come from Muslim countries. According to the Daily Telegraph, the UN predicts Europe will need to take in 2.2 million immigrants per year, through to 2050.

Once the Muslim population climbs over 3% of the population in Western countries, native Europeans start to emigrate. The Dutch, French, Germans and British are leaving in unprecedented numbers, as noted in a Daniel Pipes article entitled “Europeans Fleeing Eurabia” which should be read in conjunction with this article.

If it is really true that up to 40% of Muslims wish to see Europe operating under Sharia Law, then the ingredients for a Europe V Islamic civil war are already in place, save for the Muslim weight of numbers; an issue being rapidly resolved. By 2025 the combination of factors mentioned above will lead to such a massive transformation in Europe’s demographic makeup that Islam may well have sufficient numbers to confront us.
Read the whole post here. Gates of Vienna crunches the numbers to verify these predictions. Given the leftist elites that occupy the governments throughout European, it is very unlikely that any of them will be willing to even acknowledge this problem, let alone do something about it, such as halting Muslim imigration - including the follow on immigration of family members and spouses - or changes to the social security laws of which so many Muslim immigrants to European countries take massive advantage. Changing these things would be inimical to the philosphy under which most of the left wing politicians of Europe operate. Moreover, the type of political courage this would take is, but for a few politicians such as the Netherlands' Geert Wilder, non-existent. Indeed, if the actions of the EU of late are any indication, there is not a chance in hell of this being addressed short of bloodshed or capitulation.


Dinah Lord said...

Scott- you rock.

And it's a sobering situation indeed.

You might be too young to remember this (it was back in the day) but this brings to mind a lefty philosophy that ranks right up there with Y2K and Global Warming and that is ZPG or Zero Population Growth. ZPG'ers advocated having no more than two children per family - at the most.

It was lefty idea that died a natural death, thankfully but I wonder if it could also be part of the reason Eurabia is in the fix it is in today...

Anonymous said...

sorry to say that

but... this article is soo delusional


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