Monday, May 21, 2007

To Paraphrase Mel Brooks, "Its Good to be the Khan"

Talk about someone being due a lot of Father's Day cards. It seems there were some very earthly advantages to being the greatest conquerer of the last millenium. That would be Ghengis Khan, reputed to have uttered those immortal words, "the greatest thing in life is to scatter your enemy before you and bring to your bosom their wives and daughters." And that was apparently no idle chit chat. According to a recent DNA study, it is estimated that 16,000,000 people alive today are descended from the loins of the great Khan. As one commentor so dryly put it:

If you feel an irrational urge to torch your neighbour's yurt and carry off his daughters, now you'll know why.
Read the entire story here. You know, you wonder how the guy even had time to leave the yurt, let alone conquer most of the known world. I guess he would be what we would call today an effective multi-tasker.

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