Friday, March 30, 2007

Krauthammer on Why We Should Remain in Iraq

Charles Krauthammer examines the Democratic legislation to force our military out of Iraq and reinforce Afghanistan and asks, are they nuts?

Bring in a completely neutral observer -- a Martian -- and point out to him that the United States is involved in two hot wars against radical Islamic insurgents. One is in Afghanistan, a geographically marginal backwater with no resources, no industrial and no technological infrastructure. The other is in Iraq, one of the three principal Arab states, with untold oil wealth, an educated population, an advanced military and technological infrastructure which, though suffering decay in the later Saddam years, could easily be revived if it falls into the right (i.e. wrong) hands. Add to that the fact that its strategic location would give its rulers inordinate influence over the entire Persian Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf states. Then ask your Martian: Which is the more important battle? He would not even understand why you are asking the question.

Al-Qaeda has provided the answer many times. Osama bin Laden, the one whose presence in Afghanistan presumably makes it the central front in the war on terror, has been explicit that ``the most serious issue today for the whole world is this Third World War that is raging in Iraq." Al-Qaeda's No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has declared that Iraq ``is now the place for the greatest battle of Islam in this era.''

And it's not just what al-Qaeda says, it's what al-Qaeda does. Where are they funneling the worldwide recruits for jihad? Where do all the deranged suicidists who want to die for Allah gravitate? It's no longer Afghanistan, but Iraq. That's because they recognize the greater prize.

The Democratic insistence on the primacy of Afghanistan makes no strategic sense. Instead, it reflects a sensibility. . .

What is sad is that Mr. Krauthammer felt it necessary to compose on this topic that should be self evident - and indeed, seems to be but to partisan Democrats. Read the full post here.


Dinah Lord said...

This is an excellent article and breaks the situation down so clearly even a Dhimmicrat should be able to understand it...key word there is - SHOULD. Too bad their own avarice, lust for power and terminal BDS blinds them to reality.

I worry about 2008...

Anonymous said...

What surprises me is the sheer incompetence of the US military generals.

The Martian would also wonder why the most (apparently) capable military nation cant defeat the enemy. This inability is the key Democrat argument - "President Bush - How much longer do you need ?"

The US has treated both Iraq and Afghanistan "wars" as Police actions rather than WARs.

The US generals have not treated the enemy with respect and have committed too few resources to win.
It is as though the US does not want to win but to grind out a stalemate.

Why continue if you dont intend to win.

It will take another major terrorist event to awaken Europe and the US to the fact that they together have to fight a WAR against, not a nation state, but a toxic cult - Islam. This will entail all western nations declaring WAR against all Islam supportive nation states.

Israel has been ground down by 60 years of Arab hatred to the point that with Olmert in charge its existence is threatened. Will they wake up also ?


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