Thursday, March 29, 2007

Weekly News from the Religion of Peace

In northern Nigeria, Muslims find that burning churches can be an enjoyable pastime. Indeed, it can be almost as satisfying as murdering Christians.

In Sri Lanka, making the historically accurate statement that Buddhism in Central Asia fell to the sword of imperialistic Islam earns one the "wrath of the Islamic World" for such sacrilegious tripe. Lies, I say, all lies already "completely shattered by great Imams and Islamic Scholars throughout the ages."

How to handle those troublesome Christian evangelists if you are a Wahhabi Islamist in Ethiopia? Not a problem, just drag one into a mosque and beat him to death. Clean, neat, and besides, those silly Christians always just turn the other cheek anyway.

How does one get an A in 12th grade classes in Palestine? According to their school text books – just remember to answer that Israel has no right to exist and fighting Jews is a good Muslims religious duty. Allah Akbar.

What’s more fun then killing a Christian accused of desecrating a Quran? If you live in Punjab Province in Pakistan, it’s to listen to the Christian scream for a few hours while you torture him – oh, and to steal all the money in his house that was saved up for the daughter’s wedding. Hey, now before you criticize the religion of peace, don’t kid yourself - torturing Christians is thirsty business, especially when it goes on for a few hours. The mob no doubt needed libations to cool their parched throats, and since the Christian caused all of their angst in the first place . . .

How do you respond in the UK to an MP’s suggestion that you fly the UK flag over the mosque to show that you really want to integrate into British society? You respond with a collective middle finger and a disbelieving "Inter-what?"

If you are a young Muslim girl in Malaysia that no longer wants to play along with the Muslim misogynistic game plan but . . . still want to keep your head attached to your shoulders, what do you do? Why you ask the country’s Sharia court for permission to denounce Islam, pointing, among other things, to the Koran’s promise that there is to be no compulsion in religion, and also noting your fear of denouncing Islam without a seal of approval to guard your throat. Sound reasonable? Not to a Sharia court whose reasoning seems more then a little circular:

"The reasons given by the applicant are based on fear of punishment which is against the teachings of Islam. Is fear a good enough reason?

"The court finds the reasons given are weak and not one that can be used as permissible to [leave Islam]."

And lastly, lets not forget the Fatwah on Your Hymen. And that is but some of the news coming out of the religion of peace this week.

Oh, and if you happened to miss it, do please see the Lighter Side of Wahhabi Islam.

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