Friday, April 13, 2007

Judicial Watch Issues Latest Report on Radical Islamic Charities in the U.S.

Judicial Watch has issued its latest report on radical islamic organizations operating inside the United States. It's an exceptional read that covers the rouge's gallery of usual suspects - CAIR, MAS, ICNA, etc. - as well as some of which I was unaware.

For example, the report covers the North American Islamic Trust - a Wahhabi Salafi organization that apparently owns between 50% and 80% of all mosques in North America:

The North American Islamic Trust: Shadow Profile

• Newsweek stated, “…authorities say NAIT has long been a funnel for Saudi and other gulf money seeking to spread an often anti-American brand of Islamic fundamentalism in American mosques from southern California to South

• According to terrorism expert, J. Michael Waller, the organization . . . was raided in 2002 by the U.S. Treasury’s “Operation Green Quest” for suspected involvement with terrorist financing.

• Sami Al-Arian former University of Florida professor and key figure in North American Islamic Trust was sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted of financially and verbally supporting Jihad by donating money to terrorist groups.

What the North American Islamic Trust is Saying and Doing

• The North American Islamic Trust owns the Islamic Academy of Florida – “a criminal enterprise” as described in the federal indictment handed down in February of this year against the school's founder, Sami al-Arian and others alleged to be
Hamas fundraisers.

• In 2003, the group received a $325,000 investment from the Muslim extremist front group, the Council for American Islamic Relations. . . .

Find the report here. And here is an article that addresses reaction to the report by some of the organizations named therein.

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Dinah Lord said...

Going to print this out and take it on the road with me to Vegas this weekend. Looks like something I need to read. Thank you, Scott!

Cheers - Dinah


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