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Yes, But Did He (Peace Be Upon Him) Say Anything About The Permissibility of Using Two-Ply?

It must be read to be believed . . . oh, and do watch out for the jinn:

THE best ways of life for humankind were taught by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Alla{aci}h be upon him) even in things considered trivial by most people.

It includes the etiquette of relief in toilet. The main concern is to protect purity and cleanliness so one would always worship Alla{aci}h and deal with others in a pure and clean state.

Alla{aci}h's name. It is not permissible to enter the toilet whilst carrying or wearing anything bearing the name of Alla{aci}h, such as the Quran, or any book with the name of Alla{aci}h in it, or jewellery such as bracelets or necklaces engraved with the name of Alla{aci}h.

Entering. The Prophet always entered the toilet with his left foot first and said a prayer which means, "O Alla{aci}h, verily I seek refuge in You from all evil things." It could also mean, "O Alla{aci}h, verily I seek refuge in you from the male and female jinns."

It is known that the creatures of Alla{aci}h called jinn like to inhabit places of filth, such as toilets.

Seclusion. Today's public urinal forces men to relieve themselves openly. Jabir (may Alla{aci}h be pleased with him) related that, "When the Prophet felt the need to relieve himself, he went far off where no one could see him." This is an indication of modesty and shyness which the Prophet possesses.

Don't face Qiblah. The Prophet said, "If you go to defecate, do not face the Qiblah (prayer direction towards Ka'bah location) nor turn your back toward it. Instead you should turn to your left side or your right."

We follow this as far as possible out of respect for the direction toward which we pray in. If the toilets are positioned in such a way that we cannot help but face or have our back toward the Qiblah, when we came out we ask for Alla{aci}h's forgiveness as the Companions of the Prophet did,

Silent. One should remain silent whilst in the toilet. Talking, answering greetings (salam) or greeting others is forbidden.

Squatting. It is recommended to urinate whilst sitting or squatting and not standing, since this was the usual practice of the Prophet. It is not forbidden to stand whilst urinating since the Prophet is also reported to have done so, but sitting/squatting is better since this is healthier for the body for two reasons - the position facilitates complete emptying of the bladder, while reducing the chance of the impure urine splashing onto one's body or clothes.

Cleaning. Using water to cleanse is better as this was also the usual practice of the Prophet. Other materials like tissue paper, stones, etc are permissible to use, but water is better.

There are three requirements for the dry material if it is to be used to clean oneself: it should be clean or pure; not something respected (for instance a book) or something used (food, clothes etc); the private parts must be wiped at least three times with clean parts of that material.

Left hand. The Prophet said, "None of you should touch his privates with his right hand whilst urinating nor should he wipe off faeces with his right."

Ablution (wudhu).

After cleaning the private parts, one should wash one's hands and if possible take ablution as if one would do prayer. Ablution cleanses our bodies and sins if carried out in the intention of worshipping Alla{aci}h. Abu Hurayrah narrated that after cleansing himself, the Prophet would rub his hand on the ground (to clean it) and then he would perform ablution.

Stepping out. The Prophet would exit the toilet area with his right foot first and seek Alla{aci}h's forgiveness. His wife 'Aishah (may Alla{aci}h be pleased with her) reported that when the Prophet left the toilet, he would say: "Ghufraanaka." (I seek Your forgiveness, o Allah).
This gem is from the Brunei Times, though it has since been removed from the site and is now only available here.

(H/T to epaminondas at Villagers With Torches, from whom I have liberated the picture.)

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