Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dem Hypocrisy & The Employee Free Choice Act

I have blogged on The Employee Free Choice Act several times (see here, here, here, here, and here), noting that it is a horrendous bill that would strip American workers of their most basic of democratic rights - the right to a secret ballot. I have also noted that the Democratic party is behind this bill in toto, including each of the Democratic presidential hopefuls. Their hypocrisy in supporting this legislation is breathtaking.

George Will has added to the arguments against the Employee Free Choice Act today with some some interesting facts that you won't find on Clinton's or Obama's website:

. . . [On Tuesday,] unions were demonstrating in support of legislation with the Orwellian title ``Employee Free Choice Act.'' It would deny employees the choice of a secret ballot when voting on unionization of their workplace. Instead, union organizers would use the ``card check'' system, which allows them to pick the voters they want: Once a majority of workers -- exposed one at a time to face-to-face pressure from union organizers -- sign a union card, the union is automatically certified as the bargaining agent for all the workers.

The Supreme Court has said that the card-check system is ``admittedly inferior to the election process.'' Hillary Clinton, who has given herself a makeover as a moderate, and who was elected by secret ballots, and who hopes that next year voters will use their secret ballots to give to her the power to nominate Supreme Court justices, nevertheless toes labor's line when she advocates abolishing workers' right to a secret ballot. Abolition, she says, will ``create a fair and level playing field between workers and employers.''

When in March the House passed card-check legislation for unpersuasive unions, a principal sponsor was George Miller, D-Calif., who in 2001 wrote, with 15 colleagues, to Mexican officials, on behalf of the rights of Mexican workers, insisting ``that the secret ballot is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that workers are not intimidated into voting for a union they might not otherwise choose.'' . .
Read the entire story here. The hypocrisy of Democrats and their willingness to injure workers and sacrifice the economy to payback Big Labour is horrendous. How any but the unhinged far left, anti-capitalist socialists and comunists, and the irredeemably gullible can vote for these people is beyond me.

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