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EU Proposes to Allow Sharia Family Law

This is a short article that appears in Dhimmi Watch, followed by a long and thoughtful comment on this bit of EU multicultural insanity by an Iranian woman who is now living in Europe. She does a good job of explaining the evils of Sharia and just how utterly insane it is for the EU to consider allowing for Sharia family law in European courts.

"Opposition to EU divorce rules plan" . . .

Luxembourg (dpa) - A European Union proposal that would allow the laws of non-EU countries to be applicable in divorce cases ran into fierce opposition from Sweden on Thursday.

Liberal Sweden strongly resists the plan, which it says could force EU member states to dissolve marriages on the basis of foreign law, including traditional Islamic law, or Sharia.

"It is not acceptable that the planned rules would lead to Swedish courts having to apply foreign law," a Swedish diplomat told reporters at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

Germany is pushing for new rules under which international couples, prior to marriage, would be able to set out in a contract which country's laws will reign in a divorce court.

Germany currently holds the rotating EU presidency.


Actually . . . I read that such a law has been pushed for by Islamic organizations and Imams in Sweden as well. I am glad that they decide to oppose it on an EU level. . . . I think it is absurd to even consider such request by Islamists. They don't represent the Muslim community as a whole. They just represent their own opinions and maybe some like them. So as unelected people they have no right to push for any laws for a constituency (Muslims) who never officially and openly elected them. As an ex-Muslim in Europe who left her native country because of Islamism I am scared to death by such attempts to creep barbaric Shri'a law into civilized countries. Here is a copy of my comment to the news on "Islam in Europe Blog":

"The Swedish authorities should never accept such a thing. The point is that these so-called "Islamic divorce laws" are objectively and truly unjust and demeaning to women and violates their unalienable human rights. According to these laws a woman has no right to get a divorce unless her husband wants to grant it to her, but a man can divorce his wife anytime he wants without her consent, and the custody of the children over 6 y.o. will automatically go to their father and he will decide whether the mother is allowed to see them and how often. This is an unjust and shameful system which should be eradicated even from the Islamic country in the name of human rights and sexual equality. It is a source of much evil in those places too. As an Iranian ex-pat I have seen first hand the damaging and tragic effects of these laws in the lives of many women. Many mothers live with abusive husbands from the fear of losing the not only the custody of their children but also the right to visit them. Many women who wish to divorce cannot get it from their husbands and are forced to live with them against their will. Many people from Muslim countries migrate away from their native countries exactly because of the existence of such unjust laws in their countries of origin. If these abominable rules and injustices are going to follow them all the way to their newly adopted countries then where should they run away to, to be safe from these laws. Besides I highly object the fact that some Imams and so-called Islamic originations own the monopoly on representing "the Muslim community" which is very diverse and complex. The Swedish or any other European government should not get tricked into thinking that by granting the wishes of a few Imams and Mullahs, they are doing the Muslims community as a whole any favor and showing them openness and tolerance. These Imams and Mullahs and Islamic organizations have no other intention but to do away with the Swedish law so that they can impose their own power and interpretation of religion and religious life on the Muslim community as a whole. I think they should not be trusted and they should not be allowed to speak for the community as a whole. Many of us immigrants from Muslim countries came to Europe because we prefer to live the European way of life and our rights must be respected as well and our destiny should not be entrusted to the hands of some questionable people that we never openly chose to represent us! If that happens it would be a tragedy!

April 18, 2007 2:28 PM"

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