Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Surge News Roundup - Week 11

Start with this overview of the progress of the surge from Fred Kagan at the Weekly Standard.

For some absolutely great news from the surge - start here, where some Marines in Anbar are finding themselves getting rather bored. As one put it, "I think there are parts of Al Anbar province where the war may be over and we just don't realize it." This report will never see the NYT, and it certainly does not fit the Democrat's current playbook of a sudden surge to victory - in the House, Senate and Executive.

Bill Rogio has a similar report on Anbar. It is appearing more and more that al Qaeda's last big hurrah will be in Diyala.

Omar thinks that the wall going up in Baghdad around the Sunni majority areas are a good idea and that the loud complaints are coming from the militia types.

The Iranians are making a big push in Iraq in just about every way. Besides being involved in training, arming and paying proxies, they are also trying to bribe Iraqi lawmakers. (H/T mdd at MNN)

Lastly, there is some very dark humor over at the Washington Post.

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