Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Britain Takes Another Step On The Multicultural Road To Anglo-Saxon Suicide

The multicultural nuts in Britain are at it again, chipping away at their own societal mores and rights in order to conform to medieval customs of a culture not only not their own, but wholly antithetical to their own. (If you do not know just how antithetical, watch Undercover Mosque). This time the UK is altering fundemental tenets of their legal system.

We in the West live in freedom because we are a nation of laws. Our legal system has slowly developed over millenia to be a common sense balance of competing interests designed to insure, to the maximum extent possible, the fair adjudication of legal cases. More specifically, for about half a millenium, it has been the custom in English common law that an accused has the right to confront his accuser in a public trial. And for even longer, it has been the custom of asking a jury and a judge to evaluate the testimony of witnesses at trial. In evaluating the truthfullness of witnesses, the jury and judge must - and traditionally have been - able to see the witnesses, to watch their mannerisms and facial expressions, in addition to listening to their testimony. Those are bedrock principals at the heart of anglo-saxon system of justice in America and, until today, in the UK.

The wearing of the Muslim veil in court was backed by new official guidelines today.

Senior judges who examined whether Muslim women should be allowed to wear the full facial covering, known as the niqab, said it should be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Muslim women should be permitted to wear the garment providing it did not interfere with the administration of justice, the Judicial Studies Board’s Equal Treatment Advisory Committee said.

The guidance follows a case at an immigration court in Stoke-on-Trent last November where the judge, George Glossop, ordered an adjournment because he was having difficulty hearing legal executive Shabnam Mughal.

The guidelines said: “Each situation should be considered individually in order to find the best solution in each case.”

Forcing a woman to choose between participating in a court case or removing the veil could have a “significant impact on that woman’s sense of dignity”, it added, and could serve to “exclude and marginalise” her.

Committee chairwoman Mrs Justice Cox said: “At the heart of our guidance is the principle that each situation should be considered individually in order to find the best solution in each case.

“We respect the right for Muslim women to choose to wear the niqab as part of their religious beliefs, although the interests of justice remain paramount.

“If a person’s face is almost fully covered, a judge may have to consider if any steps are required to ensure effective participation and a fair hearing - both for the woman wearing a niqab and for other parties in the proceedings.

“This is not an issue that lends itself to a prescriptive approach - we have drawn on a wealth of cases that demonstrate that, and we have drawn up guidance for different court personnel and parties.”

If the wearer is appearing as a victim, it should not be “automatically assumed” that the niqab would create a problem, the guidelines said.

“Nor should it ever be assumed without good reason that it is inappropriate for a woman to give evidence in court wearing the full veil,” it added.

If a judge felt it necessary to ask a victim to remove her veil, he or she should consider the request carefully, and be “thoughtful and sensitive”.

The courtroom could even be cleared of anyone not directly involved in the case for her to proceed with her evidence, it said.

Asking a witness or defendant to remove the garment may be appropriate but “careful thought” should be given to any such request, the guidelines said.
Read the entire article here. This is insanity. Somebody please tell the suicidally multicultural left that it is quite acceptable to give freedom of worship to others while still maintaining the viability of one's own culture in one's own country. Turkey and Tunisia, two Muslim majority nations that have and wish to maintain a secular government ban the wearing of the hijab or similar clothing in schools and government buildings. The UK and Europe are faced by the growing menace of Salafi / Wahhabi Islam taking root across the continent. One of the tenants of Salafi / Wahhabi Islam is not to integrate into Western society. Putting these two together, it would certainly be reasonable for European countries to ban such clothing as a function of upholding their secular governments, asserting the primacy of their Western values, and promoting integration. It would seem reasonable in any event when fundemental principles of the anglo-saxon legal system are at issue.

Instead, we have the UK now changing their legal system to make do for the radical Islamists in their midst. They do so even as they have outlawed criticism of Islam and now are not even teaching their own history out of fear of offending Muslim children who are getting filled with differing versions of propogandist hatred in their mosques about the crusades and the holocaust.
May God save the Queen. Someone has to, as it will most certainly not be the well meaning leftists that have held Britain in their thrall since the end of WWII.

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