Friday, April 6, 2007

A Perfect Islamic Storm . . . Part II

At Gates of Vienna, they have a follow-up to their earlier sobering post forecasting a coming civil war in Europe based on hard numbers of Muslim immigration and other extensive demographic data. See here. Now they have followed with another post that, while not a hard number forecast, is equally as intelligent and sobering. This on the growing seriousness of the situations from Michael Mans, a European author, and on the increasing liklihood of European civil war becasue the current crop of politicians, for the most part, flatly refuse to acknowledge the problem, let alone take remedial action:

And then there are the new politicians, modern thinkers and historians. They emerged after the dreadful Second World War. ‘Remember the war, the holocaust, the colonies and slavery.’ After Adolf, things moved rapidly. We studied our own recent Western history and were appalled by it. And often rightly so. The conclusions were: “never again, and from now on we will love, and must love, everyone and everybody’. Above all, the conclusion was “we are all equal, and since we have been so bad, we are somewhat less equal and have to pay for it.’ The new politicians, thinkers and historians had mainly concentrated on recent Western behaviour and forgotten about what had happened elsewhere or why. They did not see the many similarities or worse.

They also forgot the bigger picture of history over longer periods. Above all, they forgot human nature. All this could be excused if a (re)learning process was visible, but the opposite seems to be true. The more problems become visible, the more the new elite keeps hammering on the old, erroneous conclusions of love by and for all.

It is ironic that this new elite uses exactly the same phrases, displays the same behaviour, as the studied, analysed and consequently despised people and peoples in the past. They force ideas, doctrines and behaviour upon populations which are not liked, often unnatural, and even hated. This inevitably leads to war, or in our case, civil war.

You will find the post from Gates of Vienna here. Do also read the comments. The comments are as intelligent and thought provoking as the post.

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