Sunday, April 1, 2007

This is so fundamentally wrong . . .

Can Britain, with a multiculturalist philosophy permeating many sectors of society, survive the coming storm with its anglo saxon values intact? I've asked that question before here. I have also posted that Islam should under no circumstance be protected from criticism, to the contrary, it needs to be put under the light of scrutiny and subjected to reasoned criticism if it is ever to moderate and modernize. The article below, published in The Guardian, establishes the worst possible nexus between these prior posts.

Today, The Guardian is reporting that many teachers in Britain are altering their school lesson plans on "controversial subjects" so as "not to cause offense" . . . to guess who?

Schools are dropping controversial subjects from history lessons - such as the Holocaust and the Crusades - because teachers do not want to cause offence, Government research has found.

. . . Some teachers have . . . dropped the Holocaust completely from lessons over fears that Muslim pupils might express anti-Semitic reactions in class.

And one school avoided teaching the Crusades because its "balanced" handling of the topic would directly contradict what was taught in local mosques.

The report, funded by the Department for Education and Skills, said: "Teachers and schools avoid emotive and controversial history for a variety of reasons, some of which are well-intentioned.

"Staff may wish to avoid causing offence or appearing insensitive to individuals or groups in their classes.

"In particular settings, teachers of history are unwilling to challenge highly contentious or charged versions of history in which pupils are steeped at home, in their community or in a place of worship."

The researchers gave the example of one history department in a secondary school in a northern city which decided not to teach the Holocaust as a topic for GCSE coursework.

The report said the teachers feared confronting "anti-Semitic sentiment and Holocaust denial among some Muslim pupils". Christian parents at another school complained over the way the Arab-Israeli conflict was taught.
This takes my breath away. It would seem that the multiculturalist philosophy has so seeped into the mainstream of British society that even the teaching of BRITISH history, as well as teaching about the single most well documented historical event in history - THE HOLOCAUST - must give way to the versions of history expoused in radical mosques. This is beyond insanity.

Do these spineless teachers and their supervisors understand the harm that they are doing - to all of their students, the Muslims included? They are enabling the racism and radicalism of the worst kind -- a sure fire way to stratify society and prevent integration. This is just so wrong on such a fundamental level it is hard to get my arms around it. Let me just say to my British friends, as an anglophile, if you are allowing things like this to occur without marching on 10 Downing Street carrying a burning torch, you are teetering on the edge of losing your society.

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