Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pelosi in a Hijab . . . An Apt Metaphor For the Democrats in Congress

Today, Democrat’s in the House Armed Services Committee banned the use of the phrase “Global War on Terror.” I am not sure if they think it's over, or they just do not want to be reminded that we are facing a global threat from radical Wahhabi / Salafi Islamists. As one republican aide said, the Global War on Terror, if not over, has at least attained the status among Democrats of “The War That Must Not Be Named.”

When you get right down to it, the words "Global War on Terror" are not the only words that seem to have been banned from the Democrat's lexicon. The other words you do not hear pass the lips of our peace-(and-politcal-power)-at-any-cost Democrats these days are "surge" or "Let's have a briefing from General Petraus." Perhaps if the Dem's asked ABC, they would find that even ABC thinks the surge is having a "large and positive effect" today. Guess the Democrats will have to stop watching that station lest the ugly head of reality intrude upon their world.

None of this should be all that surprising really. The House Armed Services Comittee are just a bit ahead of the curve is all. The reactionary wing of the Democratic Party is now in charge, by its own admission, and the Democrats certainly seem to be dancing to the tune, even when the topic is the Iraq War. Their thinking has turned the corner from concerns of national security to concerns for partisan political gain. Though to be fair not all liberals think that way. At least one had the courage of his convictions and refuse to be cowed by Kos and Then again, he is not a Democrat anymore.

The Democratic Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, who not all that long ago was arguing that we needed more troops in Iraq, is now proposing to cut off all funding for our military over there. What a difference one election and an emboldened far left wing make. And on the House side, Pelosi and Murtha are leading the charge to get us out of the war in Iraq. Murtha is claiming that if we just get out of Iraq, the Iraqis will be able to clean the mess up themselves. If only U.S. intelligence agreed with him. Then there is Nancy Pelosi claiming as recently as two weeks ago that Iraq is "separate from the war on terror." You have to wonder if she has ever heard of al Qaeda - because she sure does not seem to understand their position on Iraq.

It is a bit funny that Pelosi and Murtha say that we need to leave Iraq because, among other things, our military is falling apart at the seams. Our military is undersized and there are shortfalls in equipment. One might think that the extra 20 billion dollars Murtha and Pelosi found and then stuffed into the latest supplemental appropriations bill for Iraq could have addressed these shortfalls and been spent to purchase new combat equipment and to enlarge our strategic reserve forces. Instead it went for combat peanut storage and the strategic spinach reserve. Go figure.

And it wasn’t all that long ago that Nancy Pelosi installed a man as head of the House Intelligence committee who does not even know or understand the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam. Honest to God, I did not think there were still many Americans living in the four corners of the U.S. who did not know that. And here Nancy is, able to find one who is actually a member of Congress – and promptly puts him in charge of Intelligence. Its moments like these that one has trouble deciding whether to laugh or cry - or both.

But there is no global war on terror now that the Democrats control the Congress. And it’s a good thing, I guess, otherwise Democratic plans to unionize all of our airport security screeners might sound like a pretty silly idea.

The War on Terrorism we were fighting was, I always thought, ultimately against the radical sect of Wahhabi / Salafi Islam that is at the root of terror. Yet we have Nancy Pelosi herself, along with Henry Waxman, introducing legislation – supported by CAIR, the main Wahhabi / Salafi civil rights organization in America - that would severely effect our ability to maintain a high level of security against that threat through the End Racial Profiling Act.

And thus we come back to it - Pelosi in a hijab. What better metaphor for the Democrats today could there be?


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