Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Ft. Dix Six - Do You CAIR About Terrorism?

The news of the six radical Islamists who planned a murderous raid on Fort Dix has been well publicized. See here. The six planned "to kill and die 'in the name of Allah.'" We got lucky on this one. The group was discovered when they asked a store clerk to copy to DVD a tape showing them praising jihad and shooting weapons.

There are many things that are troubling about this bit of planned mayhem, but on the national scale, the one that takes the cake is this, from CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, in their response to the news about the arrests:

CAIR also requested that media outlets and public officials refrain from linking this case to the faith of Islam.
Let that sink in. CAIR is asking the people of the United States to suspend reality and pretend that Islam, and more particularly the influence of Wahhabi / Salafi Islam, has nothing to do with terrorism. It is outrageous and brazen - but par for the course for CAIR and for a whole host of other Wahhabi / Salafi influenced organizations and people.

It should be self-evident that the quickest way to end up dead is not to understand the nature of your enemy. Indeed, Walid Phares, in his book Future Jihad, blamed the inability of the U.S. and its citizens to identify the real threats of Islamic terrorism before 9-11 on the Wahhabi / Salafi influence.

Wahhabi / Salafi Islam comes from Saudi Arabia, and the Sauds have spent many billions to export their religion. They have engaged in a massive funding of schools, clerics, Middle East studies programs, mosques and lobbying organizations in the West, of which CAIR is one. The public face of these institutions and the teachings from the academic side have been more then a bit deceptive in an effort to make Wahhabi / Salafi Islam palatable to the West.

For example, prior to 9-11, most college and graduate students were being taught in Saudi supported Middle East programs that jihad referred to an inner struggle. That, my friends, is clear deception, and it has cost a lot of American lives.

And how many of these Saudi funded organizations and individuals have claimed that the Islamists hate America because of our foreign policy? That canard hides completely the reality of what motivates the violent extremists. It suggests that if we just cut off all relations with Israel or do this other thing that Islamists want us to do, then there would be peace. The truth is far different.

Their religion is triumphalist. If you study a little, you will find virtually all Wahhabi Salafi clerics justify their attack on American civilians on a litany of sins going back to the Crusades. You won't hear that from CAIR, but there are tons of speeches, letters and broadcasts of these folks on the internet. You can get it directly from the Wahhabi / Salafi horse's mouth without it going through the CAIR spin machine.

Now, I don't begin to claim that all followers of Wahhabi / Salafi Islam are terrorists. But the flip side is that most Sunni terrorists are in fact Wahhabi / Salafi Islamists. How do we separate those who would kill us from those who would not?

There are clearly a few things that we can and should do. One is encourage the "moderate" Muslims to constructively criticize their religion and to try and bring it out of the 7th century and into the 21st century. Two is to get educated and expose Wahhabi / Salafi deceptions wherever we find them. The third thing we must do is to stay vigilant and suspicious. That is true whether your a 7-11 store clerk in New Jersey, or your in a group of people on a plane in Minneapolis.

Between their violent criticism of moderate Muslims, their support for legislation to tie the hands of law enforcement in investigating Muslims, and their constant stream of deceptions, CAIR stands directly opposed to all of these things. There can be no clearer example then their statement in light of the arrest of the Ft. Dix six. CAIR takes no responsibility for their religion giving rise to murder and mayhem. To the contrary, CAIR asks America to pretend its not true.

CAIR wants to make America and the West safe for Wahhabi / Salafi Islam to percolate and grow - much like a cancer. We let them succeed only at peril to our lives and our Western values. And the first step to stopping the threat is to acknowledge that the Fort Dix Six were motivated by Islam to commit murder.

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