Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dennis On Harry

Do enjoy Dennis Miller giving his opinion of Harry Reid:

I personally think that he lets Harry off far too lightly.

Harry Reid has been an incredibly destructive force in the War on Terror. His default position has to try and criticize and tear down whatever President Bush has proposed - assuming the polls suggest that doing so will increase the chance of Democrats gaining in political power with the next election. I think that a lot of the blood our soldiers will spill this summer can be directly laid at the hands of Reid, as well as Pelosi and Murtha. Harry Reid has clearly placed national security and America's place in the world secondary to political gain. He is an incredible hypocrite who is governed by polls and easilly manipulated by the far left fringe of the Democratic Party. In short, Harry Reid is an odious and unprinicpled individual who, in a sane world, would not be the Democrat's highest leader in the Senate. He would not be a Senator, and he is certainly not a leader. Indeed, his leadership skills being what they are, the only reason for anyone to follow Harry Reid is only out of sheer curiosity.

(H/T USA Partisan)

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