Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FBI Director Says Only Matter of Time Before Terrorists Acquire Nuclear Weapons; The MSM Buries The Warning

A sizeable portion of the one billion Muslims in this world believe the United States and the West are enemies to be destroyed by any means. We know that a handful of these suicidal zealots can cause immense destruction. Thus, the nightmare scenario is that any of these terrorist organizations may gain access to nuclear weapons. And apparently, this nightmare scenario is inevitable. In remarks made yesterday before the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, FBI Director Robert Mueller made the dire warning that it was "only a matter of time and economics before terrorists will be able to purchase nuclear weapons . . .":

. . . Mr. Mueller said federal authorities, working with their counterparts overseas, must secure loose nuclear material, share intelligence about those who wish to buy and sell such material, and stop those who do -- adding that by some estimates, there is enough highly enriched uranium in global stockpiles to construct thousands of nuclear weapons.

Mr. Mueller said the economics of supply and demand dictate that someone, somewhere will provide nuclear material to the highest bidder, and that material will end up in the hands of terrorists. He said the al Qaeda terrorist network has demonstrated a clear intent to acquire weapons of mass destruction, noting that Osama bin Laden sought to buy uranium in Sudan in 1993.

But, he said, al Qaeda is not the only concern, adding that the United States faces threats from other terrorist cells around the world and from homegrown terrorists not affiliated with al Qaeda but who have been inspired by its message of hatred and violence.

"Several rogue nations -- and even individuals -- seek to develop nuclear capabilities," he said. "Abdul Khan, for example, was not only the father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb; he peddled that technology to North Korea, Libya and Iran. Khan was one of many to prove that it is indeed a seller's market in the so-called atomic bazaar."

Mr. Mueller said the next terrorist attack is not a question of if, but when. . .
Read the entire story here. Allowing rouge regimes to develop nuclear arsenal raises exponentially the liklihood that we will see a mushroom cloud over one or more of our cities. The time to try and reduce this threat is now, before Iran is able to acquire any nuclear weapons and sets off a nuclear arms race among equally or even more dangerous regimes such as Saudi Arabia.

In light of the threat that we face, I think there is no question that this should have been front page news accross the MSM. Yet, inexplicably, this dire warning is not even mentioned in the New York Times. The Washington Post, for its part, did a lead article on Director Mueller, but it had nothing to do with the existential threat of nuclear terrorism. Instead, their lead article criticized Mueller for using an FBI jet for 36 trips over a five year period. Apparently, none in the MSM care for the message that Director Mueller has to deliver on the inevitability of future terrorist attacks, nor the inevitability of nuclear terrorism. The reason is clear - if terrorism and national security take center stage in the 2008 elections, the Democrat stand a greatly diminished chance of electoral victory. Thus, newsworthy information that should inform every voter is buried and goes unreported. I wonder if the editors and reporters of the MSM will feel that they bear any responsibility for the blood that will be spilled because of it?


Michael Travis said...

Many have taken note of the almost daily warnings of nuclear terror coming from government agencies during the past month. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller's speech in Florida today should be taken very seriously by all Americans. Such a concerted effort by government agencies to raise awareness of the threat of an American Hiroshima is as unnerving as it is unprecedented.

Something is up.

Privately, federal agents have been quite candid about Al Qaeda's plan to use nuclear weapons against American cities, but it is highly unusual for the FBI to acknowledge the threat publicly. Mueller's warnings cannot be considered coincidence. His "revelations" were obviously made after careful consideration and consultation with the executive branch of our government.

During our recent and ongoing investigation of Islamic education and para-military training compounds, we have encountered increased activity and a greatly heightened sense of paranoia within the Jihadi communities. An Israeli security source has described the U.S. training compounds as "a ticking bomb, set to go off at any moment".

If your church or synagogue has not prepared a community emergency plan yet, it would be advisable to do so. Our churches remain the hub of American life and are the perfect foil for the Islamic Jihad.

Debbie said...

Good point about the MSM and the Nuclear threat. Linking to your article. I don't see trackbacks listed.

Jason_Pappas said...

Actually, the Times did something worse than not mention the news ... they are ready for defeat and surrender. They already suggest that we don't retaliate after nuked. I talk about it here.


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