Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bush Responds to "Give 'Em Surrender" Harry . . . Sort Of

President Bush spoke yesterday to a group in Western Michigan in an important speech on the war. He addressed the surge, but did not refer directly to "Give 'Em Surrender" Harry Reid and his unconscionable claim that the nascent surge has failed and the war in Iraq lost.

Mr. Bush acknowledged the violence and said that since he began sending the first of about 30,000 reinforcements in January, "we have seen some of the highest casualty levels of the war."

"And as the number of troops in Baghdad grows and operations move into even more dangerous neighborhoods, we can expect the pattern to continue," he said.

But the president said coalition forces have reduced by 50 percent the sectarian murders by militias and death squads in Baghdad. He also said coalition troops are getting an increasing number of tips from the civilian population, which have helped them capture weapons, chemicals, and members of death squads and car-bomb rings.

"This is a difficult period in our nation's history," Mr. Bush said. "It's natural to wish there was an easy way out, that we could just pack up and bring our troops home and be safe. Yet in Iraq, the easy road would be a road to disaster.

"The price of giving up there would be paid in American lives for years to come," he said, arguing that terrorists in Iraq would attack U.S. targets if troops withdraw prematurely.

Read the article here. While all that President Bush said is true, particularly that the cost of failing to succeed in Iraq will be far higher then leaving Iraq now, he utterly flubbed it by refusing to directly challenge "Give 'Em Surrender" Harry. We are not losing in Iraq, but we are in Washington where President Bush and Republican lawmakers have proven ineffectual at responding to the constant stream of charges and attacks from "Give 'Em Surrender" Harry and his cohorts busy mounting their own surge for political power.

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