Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Results of Pelosi's Mideast Trip Begin To Surface

With the EU in their pocket and a very friendly democratic party poised to assume power in the U.S., is it any wonder that Syria feels emboldened to threaten Israel if the "peace process" put forth by the Arabs is not acceppted. In Syria speak, that means "Give us back the Golan Heights or we will kill you." It should be noted that, since the Arabs have refused the Israeli Prime Minister's offer to meet and discuss the peace proposal - one which would set the seeds for Israel's destruction through creating indefensible borders and legislating the canard of a right to return - it is an Arab attempt to win through dissimulation what they have been unable to win in war or, as of yet, through the UN: the destruction of Israel. Read this from y-net news on Syria now banging the war drums:

"If Israel rejects the Arab League peace proposal, resistance will be the only way to liberate the Golan Heights," warns Syrian Information Minister Muhsen Bilal, at a press conference in Damascus Monday.

The minister explained that Syria had an interest in renewing talks with Israel with support from America and Russia. "Syria wants to reach a fair, comprehensive peace," he added. However, he also stated that "any nation living under occupation has the prerogative to resist. In Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, we must liberate all occupied Arab land."

Read the article here. What a travesty. I would personally like to thank the EU and Nancy Pelosi for further destabilizing the Middle East.

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