Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dr. Sanity On Islamists' Child Rearing Practices and More

Dr. Pat Santy examines Muslim child rearing practices and treatment of women in Middle East societies and finds them more then a bit wanting:

Apparently, the character of today's Islam is such that it encourages the creation and nourishment of monsters.

, , , For anyone who cares to actually look at the evidence, the romantic idea that Islam has ever been a "religion of peace" has also been thoroughly debunked. The heirs of Mohammed have had ceaseless war, violence, oppression of women and children and frankly crazy cultural beliefs and practices since the religion's inception; and all of it has been culturally designed to keep practitioners from noticing their own religion and culture's inadequacies, irrationality, and barbarism.

. . . Is there anyone who believes that such medieval attitudes towards women don't have a profoundly negative impact on the personalities of both the men and women who develop in such environments? Males are encouraged to be psychopaths; females to be their willing victims and enablers; as well as breeders for the jihad. When you see large groups of men willingly blowing themselves up to kill innocents, you know there is some sort of psychopathy at work. When the only way to express "gender liberation" is for a woman to imitate the homicidal / suicidal rages of the males--you know there is a problem.Consider also, how a child could grow up in any sense normal-- knowing that their mother and father think of them only as fodder for jihad and that he has no worth to them otherwise.

Along with parenting issues, cultural factors in child-rearing play an extremely important role in personality formation and can, under certain circumstances, "stack the cards" against normal develoment even if all other factors, including biology, are benign. . . .

. . . As we see in the news stories coming out of the Middle East--from Iran to Pakistan; Gaza,Egypt and Saudi Arabia-- there is an ongoing abuse of children, both psychological and physical, of monstrous proportions. To become a ruthless, cold, semi-human serial murderer, you have to be carefully taught and nurtured.

Tiptoeing around this issue so as not to offend or make judgements about the sickness of Islamic culture is nothing more than enabling hate and true evil.

Do read the entire article. It is an exceptional essay. There is a reason we must win the war against radical Islam at all costs.

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