Sunday, April 15, 2007

Iranian Justice

This picture is not clear in thumbnail form, but the cleric visible to the right of the tortured man is the Ayatollah Khatami, the former 'moderate' President of Iran. The mullahocracy in Iran has long been infamous for its brutality, regularly carrying out torture and extreme forms of corporal punishment -though somehow all of this passes by the left in the West who prefer to concentrate on their villification of the Bush administration for making some prisoners uncomfortable during questioning. In Iran, stoning is the prescribed punishment for some crimes, amputation for others. Slow hanging seems the favorite means of public execution for the mullahs - and they use it for many "crimes." But then there are special treatments in store for those who would challenge the regime - whether Iranian or not. Speak ill of the regime and you are in danger of being brutalized. Or if you are a woman and happen to challenge the regime, you may be gang-raped, tortured and beaten to death, even if a Canadian journalist. Or, as in the recent case of a twenty year old woman who was arrested for protesting for women's rights, your mullahocracy security personnel may torture you by anally rape you with a baseball bat and then leave you to die:

Watch the video here. All in the name of God the most merciful . . . . they are animals. Under no circumstance can this regime be allowed to develop a nuclear arsenal. The Iranian people need to be freed of their curse.


miriam said...

Their hatred and contempt for women knows no bounds.

Dinah Lord said...

The tyranny of Islam is just stunning to me. I often wonder how I would react if faced with it in my life. Oh, I talk a good game here at FOB Kitchen Table but I do wonder how I would react if I had to fight them here in the US. (Maybe that should be when I have to fight them here.)

Which brings me to the reaction of the multi-culti left. This stuff is going down in plain view over there and our friends, the lefties, stand around with their fingers in their ears singing "la-la-la. WE must dialogue with them!"

It boggles the mind.

And don't even get me started on the National Org of Women...those frauds. All they worry about are their twats - like I said, don't get me started...

But as always Scott, you have offered us an insightful and thought provoking post, perfect for a rainy morning.

Thank you


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