Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A FAR LEFT INQUISITION to insure ideological purity. If there is any doubt that the far left wing of the Democratic Party is bent on -- and succeeding -- in taking over the Democratic Party, then please read this from the Washington Post about their attacks on "centrist" democrats and how it is altering their politics.

Update: These comments from Powerline:

On the front page of today's Washington Post, we learn that "liberal bloggers" have made a "target" of centrist (sort of) Democratic Rep. Ellen Tauscher of California. This is the kind of story that some conservative bloggers used to argue shows the destructive influence of the liberal blogosphere on the Democratic party. But that was before some conservative bloggers started doing the same thing to Republican
members of Congress.

But at least conservative bloggers don't get quoted making bombastic pronouncements like this one from the power-crazed (but to-date impotent) "Subcomandante" Markos of the Daily Kos -- "Absolutely, we could take her out."

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