Tuesday, February 20, 2007

BBC REPORTS U.S. HAS PLANS TO ATTACK IRAN. The BBC has reported -- quite breathlessly -- that the U.S. has developed plans for an attack on Iran. Wow, no kidding.

As a threshold matter, I seriously doubt whether the BBC reporters and editors responsible for this story have any clue that the United States military maintains war plans, updated regularly, for hosilities against many countries in this world. For example, after Peal Harbor was bombed, the Pentagon dusted off Rainbow 5 -- a basic plan for a dual front war against Germany and Japan that was written well before December 7, 1941. That is what Pentagon planners do - they plan.

Two, any warplans that we have are classified a minimum of secret. Usually it is the NYT that gets around to publishing our classified secrets. But, given that the BBC and the NYT are ideological twins, I guess that I should not be surprised. One of the great failings of the Bush presidency is that no one has been or will be punished for any of these leaks.

Three . . . and this one is wonderful. Why should we not bomb Iran to stop their nuclear weapons program?

Britain's previous ambassador to Tehran, Sir Richard Dalton, told the BBC it would backfire badly by probably encouraging the Iranian government to develop a nuclear weapon in the long term.

They had to work in an anti-war sentiment somewhere, no matter how sophmoric. Can somemone explain that logic? If we stop them from making a nuclear weapon now, then it will insure that they try to make one later? Leave aside for the moment this little bit of news reported just days ago:
Iran will be able to develop enough weapons-grade material for a nuclear bomb and there is little that can be done to prevent it, an internal European Union document has concluded.

The BBC is just so over the top. God help the British until they privatize the news division of the BBC and make it compete in the marketplace.

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