Tuesday, February 20, 2007

POLLS OF INTEREST. Truth be known, I do not believe in polls -- I think that they can often be subject to gross manipulation. And I absolutely do not believe polls should either be an MSM headline news story nor the basis for shifting political decisions. Having said all of that -- I sheepishly don the clothes of a hypocrite, because now I am going to raise two polls reported today.

Poll 1 - It seems Pelosi and Murtha are way out in front of the American public on the Iraq War:

Yet another new poll shows that America wants to win in Iraq, disproving the Democratic party view in Congress and on the campaign trail that America wants to leave Iraq quickly. By 53% to 43%, respondents say it's still possible to establish a stable democracy in Iraq and reduce the threat of terrorism at home. By 57% to 41%, voters want to finish the job in Iraq. By 53% to 46%, voters think the Dems are going too far, too fast in pressing the President for troop withdrawal.

Poll 2 - This one reported from the UK following a large scale sampling of public opinion in various muslim countries. It purports to show the ever increasing dislike of Americans among muslim populations. However, it shows that, while 63% of Iranians had an unfavourable view of America in 2001, that number today has dropped down to 52%.

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