Friday, February 23, 2007


The New York Times takes the low road to give us their definition of what the democratic mantra, "support the troops" means, at least among the anti-war liberal elite. All soldiers -- and soldier's families -- know when they sign up that they face extended periods away from home. There is no guarantee of a rotation policy out of a combat zone to come home and be with one's family during wartime. That is an aberration growing out of Vietnam. Further, during long deployments, military families always will band together for support. What the NYT does is cherrypick occaisions where that system breaks down in this front page NYT hit piece -- which is utterly disgusting in its content. The clear message being conveyed is that if you "really care" about soldiers, you will bring them home so that they can be with their families. What utter craven scum they are to print this trash.

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