Tuesday, February 20, 2007

THE MUSLIM COUNCIL OF BRITAIN asks, in a document some 72 pages in length, for the state to institute extensive guidelines for special treatment of Islamic children in the state school system. Some of the guidelines include:

  • Allowance for girls beginning at the primary school level to wear the hijab
  • seperation of the sexes in any sort of physical activity that would allow touching or that involves swimming.
  • special changing areas for muslim children to change clothes in private
  • if you have a school field trip to a farm, muslims must not be allowed to touch a pig
  • Parents can withdrawal their children from music classes
  • Muslim children should not be asked to draw pictures of humans

And that is but a very few examples from this ponderous document. Read the whole thing. It is amazing. Rather then integrate into society, the Muslim Council of Britain is seeking to enlist state schools in furthering seperation between Muslims and the anglo-saxon population, and in essence, enlisting the state in the promotion of the salafi / wahabbi brand of Islam.

If you do not know it, the Muslim Council of Britain is, like our own CAIR, a salafi /wahabbi organization that is suspect for ties to terrorist organizations, their constant drumbeat that anything critical of Islam or any security measures aimed at islamic terrorism are "Islamaphobic" (can occidentals have an 'irrational' fear of Islam at this point -- and, yes, "Islamaphobia" is addressed at page 15 of the guidelines), and claims for special treatment of their faith (for example, UK Hate Speech laws that criminlize criticism of Islam).

Compare what the Muslim Council of Britain is demanding with this from a Muslim MP, Lord Ahmed:

The veil is now a mark of separation, segregation and defiance against mainstream British culture. . . [T]here's nothing in the Koran to say that the wearing of a niqab is desirable, let alone compulsory. It's purely cultural. . . . They are a physical barrier to integration. Just as Westerners cannot walk around the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh without a headcovering and long clothes and expect to engage with local people, so Muslims in Britain must become more sensitive to their surroundings.

Also, if you missed it, you might want to watch Undercover Mosque, an expose of the type of salafi / wahabbi thought being taught behind closed doors in Britain's "moderate" mosques. Britain has a major problem. From all I have read and from the people I have spoken with in the UK, it seems apparent that the Labour government's dogma of "multiculturalism" is out of sync with the rapidly dwindling tolerance of the British public for this march to dhimmitude.

Lastly, there are in fact Muslims in this world are moderate, but I have yet to see any evidence of a moderate who is in a leadership or clerical position in the Salafi / Wahabbi sects of Islam originating out of Saudi Arabia. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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