Saturday, March 17, 2007

The UN Exists In An Alternate Islamic Universe

In Saudi Arabia, a woman is a prisoner in her own house, unable even to leave unless accompanied by a male family member. The punishent for leaving the house without a male family member is jail or flogging. In Iran, just this month, 33 women who held a protest for women's rights were arrested and jailed. Further, women in Iran and the tribal areas of Pakistan who are suspected of adultery or prostitution face death by stoning. The muslim government of the Sudan has allowed, if not actively employed, muslim miltias to systematically rape and murder black African women in Darfur.

These would seem very serious violations of women's rights - and they are but the tip of the iceberg of human / women's rights abuses that occur in middle eastern or Islamic countries. But that is irrelevant in the alternate universe occupied by the UN. Thus it is not surprising that the UN Commission on the Status of Women, after surveying the plight of women the world over, should find only one violater of women's rights worthy of derision. You get one guess which country it is.

Israel. Yes, it is Israel that is the world's only violater of women's rights -- and in particular of Palestinian women's rights. The UN , by a vote of 40 to 2, voted to condemn Israel for

. . . all acts of violence, including all acts of terror, provocation, incitement and destruction, especially the excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians, many of them women and children, resulting in injury and loss of human life.
And, particularly for the Islamic countries that took part in this vote, it is the height of hypocrisy to accuse Israel of terrorism when it is the Islamic countries themselves that have prevented the UN from defining the word "terrorism." The Islamic countries have done so because they do not want to be criticized for their support of - nor their commision of - the wanton slaughter of Israelis - including women and children - whenever and whereever it can be accomplished.

At any rate, the vote for this report issued by the UN Commission on the Status of Women saw the United Kingdom and Germany vote for condemnation of Israel. Only the U.S. and Canada voted against this piece of propoganda.

The UN has become, in so many ways, little more then a mouthpiece for the Islamic world in their quest to see Israel wiped from the map. In doing so, Islamic countries insure that no spotlight is shown upon the abuses in their own countries -- abuses that are exponentially worse then anything found in Israel or the rest of the free world. And in this dissembling, they are unconscionably aided by an ever more anti-semetic and shameless Europe. It is an abomonation in general - and for Europe, it is a lemming like march towards the status of dhimmi.

Another aspect of all of acts such as this latest vote is that it removes from the UN even a patina of respectability. The UN does do some good - particularly the World Health Organization. But acts such as this by the UN Commission on the Status of Women, or anything coming out of the UN's Human Rights Organization, are pure polemics devoid of any hint of fairness and largely untouched by reality.

I hold little hope that Zalmay Khalilzad, our former Ambassador to Iraq currently undergoing Senate Hearings for his appointment as Ambassador to the UN, can have much of an impact. But at least he recognizes the need for reform. As Mr. Khalilzad said yesterday in his hearings, "absence of reform is a mortal threat to the United Nations." I could not concur more.

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