Thursday, March 15, 2007

EU: Doing Its Part To Destabilize The Middle East

Today's latest EU insanity - coming down on the side of Syria in their demands that Israel simply give back the Golan Heights.

The European Union supports Syria's goal of regaining the occupied Golan Heights from Israel, the EU foreign policy chief said after meeting President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday.

"We would like to work as much as possible to see your country Syria recuperate the territory taken in 1967," Javier Solana told a joint news conference with Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem.

The Golan Heights is a strategically important mountainous region on the Syria-Israel border. Holding the Golan Heights secures northern Israel. Indeed, prior to 1967 when it was captured by Israel, the Golan was heavily militarized by Syria and Syria had used positions on the Golan to shell Northern Israel. Syria attempted to retake the Golan Heights in the 1973 War. The strong strategic position held by Israel on the heights allowed less then 200 Israeli tanks to fend off a force many times greater from Syria. The bottom line, the Golan Heights is necessary to secure Israel's defense absent a wholly benign Syria -- something that most assuredly does not exist in this time and place. Given that Syia and Iran are allies, and given Iranian bellicosity against Israel and their command of Hezbollah, giving back the Golan Heights would be suicidal.

This act by the EU is nonsensical, though it plays into the strange logic of the EU, which on other fronts is actively attempting to subvert U.S. counterterrorist programs, such as the financial tracking program and our attempts to identify people flying to America who may be on terrorist watch lists. I guess it should not be a surprise that the EU is now proactively throwing its backing to terrorist-supporting countries such as Syria at the expense of Israel the Middle East's only stable, functioning democracy. This act by the EU can only further destabilize the region. Given EU member countries own extensive problems with radical Islam, this is just one more step of the Euro-lemmings towards the cliff.

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