Friday, May 18, 2007

A Cure for Islamic Hypocrisy

If there ever was a cure, it is free speech, reasoned criticism, and a dash of humor. Or, in other words, Pat Condell, the British comedian. Well, at least most of his criticism is reasoned. Below is his scathing and a humorous take on the religion of peace. A bit over the top, but well worth watching, particularly if your stomach is still churning from reading my posts on the latest from the OIC. They would no doubt define this video as the worst terrorism imaginable.

Mr. Condell does not really care for any religion and has made similar videos on Christianity. Though he received no criticism for that one, I doubt that will be the case for putting Islam under the microscope. I wonder how long it will be before there are calls to have him jailed in the UK for the crime of hate speech. This is one to watch closely. For what it is worth, I note here my previous post arguing that the last thing Islam or the world need is for criticism of Islam to be silenced by charges of hate speech or Islamaphobia.

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Tim said...

Excellent. He's a good speaker.


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