Friday, May 18, 2007

The Hypocrisy of Islamic States is Breathtaking

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), is an organization made up of fifty-seven Islamic nations. During their conference this week, the OIC managed to come up with a definition of terrorism - something even the UN can't do - and to condemn it in no uncertain terms. Of course their definition sounded a bit unusual to the average Westerner who has been on the receiving end of what most of us would conclude was terrorism - i.e., the cold blooded slaughter of civilians to achieve political ends. That is not how the OIC saw terrorism - defining the "worst form of terrorism in the world today" as "Islamaphobia," something which they further defined as any criticism of Islam. See here.

One must keep that firmly in mind when one tries to make sense of the final declaration issued by the OIC today, "strongly" condemning "the global menace of terrorism and vow[ing] to make collective efforts to fight against it."

The OIC further followed up with calls for "a settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict and an end to the "foreign occupation" of Muslim countries to promote global peace and security." Apparently, surrendering to al Qaeda in Iraq and allowing Israel to be over-run by Hamas are the OIC cures for global peace and security. Oh, and the worst forms of terrorism - one cannot forget that. I predict that following the OIC suggestions is a sure way to ultimately solve the worst forms of terrorism.

Do read the entire article here.

Update: A link is included in the first comment below that I now include here. I strongly recommend reading it.

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