Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jasser On Lessons From The Arrest of the Ft. Dix Six

M. Zuhdi Jasser, a former Naval Officer and the President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, weighs in on the messages that should be coming out of the recent arrest of six Islamists who planned to conduct a terror attack on Ft. Dix:

1) While most Muslims have never met militants like those arrested, Muslim organizations should understand that only Muslims hold the keys to the way to overwhelm and counter the ideology which fuels these radicals. Muslim organizations should be clamoring to expose and infiltrate the ideology and sources which drove these traitors to sprout their radical cell. We need an Islamic vaccine (the separation of spiritual Islam from political Islam) to the virus which afflicted these men. Until Muslim anti-Islamists can defeat Islamism (political Islam) as an ideology, we will not make any headway at preventing the germination of the next cell. We will only be left waiting, praying, for the FBI to help us, yet again, dodge the next bullet.

2) Will the FBI’s success here answer the question as to why we need to protect each and every citizen in America who practices the principle of “see something, say something” as the heroic video-store clerk (“John Doe”) did here? What if this “John Doe” had contrarily chosen to be silent due to a fear of litigation?

3) Will we continue to deny the fact that America is not exactly that far behind Europe in our susceptibility to homegrown terror cells?
Read the entire story here. Now compare his approach to the arrest of the Ft. Dix Six with CAIR's request to the nation's news organizations not to mention that the six arrested were motivated by Islam to conduct their terror attacks.


Always On Watch Two said...

Isn't Jasser the one whom PBS didn't want to show on a documentary episde?

He's the voice of sanity in a multiculti, insane world.

scott said...

Yes, Jasser was a large part of the focus of the documentary PBS did not - and does not - want to air. Should have included that in the body of the post.

billm99uk said...

Hopefully this will be the end of those over-optimistic Americans who thought their Muslim immigrants were somehow 'different' to European Muslims and wouldn't take up the call to violent jihad. The people may have slightly different reasons for emigrating but Islam, and the appeal of its associated radicalism, remains the same wherever it goes.


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