Sunday, May 13, 2007

Taliban Commander Mullah Dadullah Killed in Afghanistan

This is a major development. The incredibly brutal commander of Taliban military forces has been reported killed in Afghanistan:

The Taliban's top operational commander, Mullah Dadullah, has been killed in a clash in Afghanistan, security officials said on Sunday.

"Mullah Dadullah has been killed and his body is in Kandahar," said Saeed Ansari, spokesman for the intelligence department.

Another intelligence official said the one-legged Dadullah was killed in a clash with Afghan troops in the southern province of Helmand on Saturday night.

Apart from leading most Taliban attacks in the south, the notorious Dadullah was also believed to be behind a series of kidnappings of foreigners and Afghans.

. . . If confirmed, his death would be a heavy blow for the Taliban, fighting to expel foreign troops since they were ousted in a U.S.-led offensive after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

He would also be the most important Taliban killed since then. . . .
Read the entire story here. For more background information on Dadullah and just how important his death is, see this article from Der Spiegel.


Dinah Lord said...

I have to admit I did a little jig when I heard the news that Mullah Dadullah wouldn't be down for breakfast this morning.

When I get the news that OBL has been killed/captured/exhumed? I will be taking my boom box up to the corner and will be dancing in the street. You are cordially invited to attend.

Hah! Cheers - Dinah

P.S. Bonus scumbag trivia. Did you know Afghans refer to Dadullah as Mullah "Dadullah Lang," or Dadullah the cripple, because of his one-legged status? (Just in case you get onto Jihadi Jeopardy someday.)

scott said...

Actually, I was visiting Crittenden's site this morn, and someone had commented that the Taliban will find it difficult to fill "his shoes." I had to leave a correction on the tense.

Dinah Lord said...

I had to leave a correction on the tense.

Good one.

billm99uk said...

Hey! My grandpa only had one leg and I object to that gag!


No I don't, I just thought I'd get you worried ;)

billm99uk said...

My late father used to tell me a story about how he and his brother once tried to saw off grandad's wooden leg when he was sleeping. They only got halfway through when he woke up, though...


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