Monday, February 26, 2007


Dr. Pat Santy takes up the question posed in a WSJ editorial the other day and which I posted about here. Why do radical leftists and radical Islam make common cause? In the end, the two cannot coexist, yet radical Islam has no better friends in the West then the radiclized secular left. As Dr. Santy explains:

The essential anti-reality, anti-reason, anti-human collectivism that underlies radical Islam is practically indistinguishable from today's leftist thought processes. Of course, the particular content and the ultimate destination are unique for each; but only to the extent of the differing utopias they each desire to impose on the world.

That they each desire to impose their own version of utopia on the rest of us is the metaphysical and epistemological glue that binds them together. Either we submit willingly, or they will use any and all coercive strategies--including violence and terrorism--to bring us around to their way of worship. The left does it for our own "good"; Islam does it for the sake of Allah.

Despite the rhetoric of "peace" and "love" and "brotherhood" and "justice" that emanates from the left and from Islam (the "religion of peace"), both subscribe to their own unique brand of "jihad" (the political left prefers to call it "revolution"). Both are quite comfortable with initiating and using force up to and including terrorism to achieve their ends. Of course, they generally couch it in terms of self-defense--and that is why identity politics and the quest for ultimate victimization from the imperialist/ capitalistist West (Marx's "oppressed" vs "oppressor" dialectic applied via multiculturalism) come into play.

Read the whole story here. Her ultimate admonition: "Western Civilization must rouse itself from its self-induced subjectivist fog and reassert its fundamental values." I could not agree more.

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