Friday, March 2, 2007

Finnish Suicide

The suicidal acts of leftists as a whole, and particularly the leftists that hold sway in governments throughout Europe, simply boggle the mind. They are determined to hold true to their multicultural ethos regardless of the cost. See this from Finland:

The Helsinki and Kuopio Administrative Courts say that the Directorate of Immigration has given too much weight to statements by the Security Police (SUPO) when making decisions on residence permits for foreigners, and on applications for citizenship.

In the statements, SUPO assesses the possible threats that a foreign citizen might pose to public order and the security of the state.In just over six months, the courts have overturned five negative decisions on citizenship and residence permit applications that the Directorate has made on the basis of SUPO statements. In its statements, SUPO has said that an Afghani, a Pakistani, a Somali, and two Iranians would pose a threat to state security and public order.

According to the courts, the Directorate of Immigration cannot reject a foreigner’s application simply because the Security Police feels that the person is a threat to national security.

Gates of Vienna has the whole story and commentary.

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