Thursday, March 1, 2007

Euro War on War on Terror

As the U.S. fights against radical Islam, our natural partners in such a fight -- those countries generally considered a part of Western Civilization -- seem more intent upon punishing the U.S.

Many European lawmakers and human rights groups have accused the CIA of violating European sovereignty and international law by covertly apprehending and detaining terrorism suspects on the Continent. They have also criticized European intelligence services for taking part in the operations or failing to stop them.
Germany, Italy and the EU have each conducted investigations into activities by the United States in regards to the U.S. renditions program. Germany and Italy have both issued warrants against CIA employees, and the EU investigation resulted in a report that has been described as "unbalanced, inaccurate and unfair" by the State Department's senior lawyer, John Bellinger.

"I do think these continuing investigations can harm intelligence cooperation -- that's simply a fact of life," Bellinger said Wednesday.
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