Sunday, February 25, 2007


CHILLING film of hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed urging a terror attack on Britain just months before the 7/7 blitz could finally put him behind bars.

. . . . In one clip Bakri suggests an onslaught on public transport similar to the Madrid train blasts - and soon afterwards 52 died and hundreds were hurt in the London bus and Tube suicide bombings.

Syrian-born Bakri - who fled to Lebanon after 7/7 in 2005 - also warns British Muslims who join the Army to "mind their heads." His words are a sinister echo of the recent foiled plot to kidnap and behead a soldier.

We can also reveal that Bakri's followers were plotting to kidnap prison officers and "hang them from lampposts" to barter for the release of prisoners like hook-handed preacher Abu Hamza. A People investigator has spent months trawling through Muslim websites, examining posts and videos to compile a dossier on Bakri.

In a film titled Original Rules for the Kuffar (non-believers) he rants about tackling British and American forces. . .

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