Friday, March 9, 2007

"But, . . . what of the Goracle?"

Bafflement is being reported amongst the high priests of our new, green recoligion as they ponder why their message does not seem to be penetrating the undeducated masses:

TEN NETWORK's programmers are baffled. With so much attention on climate change and consumer research indicating viewers were keenly interested in a 2½ hour feast of practical advice on how they might save the planet, Ten's ratings for the Cool Aid blockbuster on Sunday night were still a disaster.
. . . .

"Truthfully, we're confused," says Ten's network head of programming, Beverley McGarvey. "They didn't come. It's not like they came to the show, sampled it and went away. They didn't come.

"We had study guides in schools, we had the full support of the print media, both editorially and with advertising, and an extensive [Ten Network] on-air campaign with a number of different creative treatments and different stances.

"We spent a fortune to get the audience there and it didn't work. We've talked about it quite a lot internally. We're disappointed."

Ten isn't alone. Despite the focus on climate change, the green conundrum is alive across myriad product categories, . . ."

Read the whole article here.

Now admittedly this occurred in Australia. But I believe the general inferences that can be made are equally applicable to Western eco-church.

Thus, a few suggestions for the Goracle, as the Grand High Priest (using the Oscar as a sceptre), and his underlings. Preaching and gross hypocrisy are quite often mutually exclusive. Most of us less educated types are left high and dry when we see the Hollywood elite, including the Goracle, preaching how we commoners need to be drastically changing our lives while they merely purchase carbon credits to assuage their guilt as they climb into their gas guzzling cars and limos waiting to take them to their private jets. Perhaps that may have something to do with the less then desirable results discussed in the article above.

Two, stop the crushing of dissent. If what the Goracle and his bishop's pontificate is true, then why are contra-opinions being dismissed out of hand instead of being engaged in open debate. Many of us "fly over people" are curious about that.

Now, clearly our newest recolegionists are trying every technique in the left's hand book to promote their recoligion, but until the hypocrisy ends and legitimate debates are heard, don't expect the masses to embrace their every edict.

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