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Multiculturalism and the Death of Liberal European Mores

I have previously posted on multiculturalism in Britain here, and a problem with applying the philosophy of multiculturalism here. Now, Khalil Samir writes an excellent article in Asia News about multiculturalism and Islam, describing the intersection of the two as the "suicide of the West."

The ideology of multiculturalism, i.e. blind tolerance toward any culture and tradition, is destroying European identity and is above all doing away with human rights and, more specifically, women’s rights.

Samir goes on to quote an interview with a French imam Sheikh Abdelkader, and what he taught to his adherents on the male-female relationship, and then to discuss how the Sheikh's views are those of conventional Islam.

Q: In your opinion, are women equal to men?

A: No. For example, women do not have the right to work alongside men, as they [women] could be tempted by adultery.

Q: Must women necessarily be subjugated to men?

A: Yes, because the head of the family is always a man. But he must be fair to his wife: he must not beat her for no reason, nor consider her a slave.
. . . .
Q: Are you in favour of the stoning [1] of women?

A: Yes, because beating one’s wife is allowed by the Koran, but under certain conditions, in particular if she betrays her husband. Please note however: the man does not have the right to beat her everywhere: not on the face, but in the lower parts, her legs, her stomach, her bottom. He can beat her vigorously so as to induce fear, so that she does not start again!

Q: The Koran: wife beating is allowed

Various readers were up in arms, but in the end the imam defended himself saying that this is the Koran. And he’s right. If we open the Koran at Sura 4, verse 34, we can read:

“Men have authority over women due to the preference that Allah concedes to them over the other and because they spend their property [for women]; Good women are therefore obedient, guarding under secrecy that which Allah has preserved [sex]. [2] ; As for those on whose part you fear insubordination, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do nothing further against them; Allah is high and great.”

Last week on Al Jazeera, I heard another imam explain the four conditions for beating a wife: not on her face; without drawing blood; without breaking bones; not in the presence of children. . . .

Read the entire article here. Samir has also written another article of interest, "Islamic Finance and Sharia, Europe's Suicide:"

This is how European civilization is dying, in submitting itself to the rules of radical Islam that wants to destroy it. We can clearly say that Europe’s ailment is not Islam; its ailment is within Europe itself. The Pope has stressed this many times, especially at Regensburg. The European continent’s ailment is relativism, the loss of clear principles and of faith in itself for lack of an absolute foundation, as is instead the case in a context of faith. This is the real root of the problem. And the cause of this weakness is having excluded faith from the horizon of its search and its reasoning.

At this point, 3 projects are competing in Europe:

· a secularist project, which has no principles, but seeks hedonistic well-being;

· a Catholic project, with principles – expressed in the Gospel and Christian tradition – that are to be constantly rethought and which proposes a reform of Western society, to recuperate what is good in the Enlightenment;

· a radical Islamic project which has come on the scene through considerable blackmail and power to condition, and affirms that the solution is that of God expressed in the Koran and in sharia.

The secularist world looks well upon the prospect of Islam cancelling Christian elements (let’s recall the controversy on crucifixes in hospitals and schools), because it recognizes an element of its secularization project. But, the fact is that Islam seeks Islamization, not secularization. Islam rejects Christianity, but to substitute it was Muslim law.

You can find the article here.

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