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Keeping an Eye On CAIR: Part III - CAIR & "Middle East Peace"

CAIR is not an organization that can be relied upon in any way to promote the moderation and modernization of Islam; rather, it is a mouthpiece for the ultra-radical sect that is the Wahhabi / Salafi Islam. If we as a people assimilate rather then challenge CAIR at every turn, then it will work a fundamental change for the worse in American values. If you wish to have an inkling of Wahhabi core tenants in action, please see this post. Additionally, search the word "CAIR" on this site, and browse through the posts on Saudi Arabia -- the birthplace of Wahhabi Islam, on the site

With that, let us parse
CAIR's statement of yesterday issued in support of their latest cause celebre, urging Congress to become more involved in establishing peace in the Middle East. That, on its face, is certainly a noble endeavor. Though, in all honesty, the U.S. has been very involved in this for decades. But let us not prejudge, CAIR might have some ideas of which we have not yet thought.

In his speech before Congress, King Abdullah stated: "The wellspring of regional division, the source of resentment and frustration far beyond, is the denial of justice and peace in Palestine. …I come here today, as your friend, to tell you that this is the core issue. And this core issue is not only producing severe consequences for our region, it is producing severe consequences for our world."
I am not impressed so far. Middle Eastern monarchs and governments have been blaming all of the problems of the Middle East on Israel since its inception. This has everything to do with the Wahhabi / Salafi dogma that it is the world's superior religion, destined to rule over all, as well as the Wahhabi dogma that Judaism is innately evil and must, in the end, be destroyed for Wahhabi Islam to triumph. Israel is a beacon of democracy and capitalism with a far higher standard of living for its citizens -- Jewish, Christian, AND Palestinian Muslim -- then any other Middle Eastern country. That it should be so -- without any oil or other natural resources that abound elsewhere in the Middle East -- is very telling.

To the extent a problem exists, it is a problem created by the surrounding autocracies, who use Israel as a scapegoat and the Palestinians as pawns. The Wahhabi and Salafi Muslims, of which CAIR is but one tentacle, want Israel wiped from the map. If you believe CAIR, then the demise of Israel and institution of a Muslim state in formerly Israeli lands would be the end of all of the problems of the Middle East. But, given what we know of Wahhabi / Salafi Islam, in reality it would only be the end of the very beginning of our problems with the Wahhabi / Salafi Muslim world.

It is vitally important that our elected representatives reformulate a Middle East policy based on the cherished American principles of peace and justice for all people.
Given our current policies towards Israel, no reformulation is necessary. We have stepped in with an eminently fair two state solution and a road map to peace. The first step from the Palestinian side is and has been for the Palestinians to stop murdering innocent Israeli civilians. Just what about that has to be reformulated? Must we accept wanton murder and Wahhabi attempts at genocide? Or must we accept and even support a Hamas led government that has as its fundamental thesis the destruction of Israel?

In actuality, Hamas is an outgrowth of Wahhabi Islam, and several members of CAIR have been sent to jail for their support of Hamas. What you will never see from CAIR is an explicit denunciation of any atrocity committed by Hamas. The reasonable words chosen by CAIR do not hide the blood of their actions.

"For too long the plight of the Palestinians has been ignored in the halls of Congress. For too long the discussion has been one-sided. Our lawmakers have spoken out in support of Israeli rights and national security, but appear content to leave the Palestinians with neither rights nor security. To the Muslim world, this is perceived a double standard and remains the number one source of anti-American hostility.

This is so thoroughly disingenuous as to be laughable. Any cursory study of the plight of the Palestinians since the birth of Israel will show that there has been a cynical manipulation of them -- but it has been by other Middle Eastern countries who have insured their poverty and used them as proxies to attack Israel. As to the U.S. not helping the Palestinians, until the election of Hamas, we were pumping millions of dollars in aid into the Palestinian economy and attempting to build an infrastructure. We supported the unilateral withdrawal of Israel from Gaza. But what have the Palestinians made of this chance? Nothing. Actually, worse then nothing. The Palestinians are now in a true civil war, with the gangster like PA, who have embezzled countless aid funds over the years on one side, and the radical Islamicists of Hamas on the other side. And sticking their fingers into this witches brew are the various middle eastern countries playing off one side against the other to insure that there is no peace with Israel.

The statement that our mistreatment of Palestine is the source of anti-American hostility is a giant canard. Wahhabi Islam has been described as more racist then the KKK -- there is both a hatred infused in true believers from childhood against anyone who is not a Wahhabi Muslim, and a sense of superiority to anyone not a Wahhabi Muslim. That exists wholly separate and apart from the question of Israel. And what CAIR and other Wahhabists want is U.S. support for a plan that will eventually lead to the destruction of Israel. Never, never be fooled by the lies of CAIR.
"A tragedy is unfolding in Palestine with 70 per cent of the population now living below the poverty line. Unemployment is nearly 40 percent and expected to rise to more than 70 percent.
I agree, it is a tremendous tragedy. For those Palestinians who live at peace in Israel and who flatly refuse to have anything to do with the PA and Hamas, their standard of living is the highest among any Palestinians living in any state in the mid-East. At this point, Palestinians in Gaza are out of control. While there is no butter, money for guns and militias seems to flow like water. So how is that the responsibility of the West to fix? There is a problem, but it is not one caused by the U.S., nor can it be fixed by the U.S. without simply giving more support to the ever growing civil war. Further, while we may choose to give aid at times to Palestinians, that aid is a gift, it is not a right which they -- or CAIR -- can demand. The Palestinians portray themselves as perennial victims -- a choice of roles vigorously supported by CAIR and other Middle Eastern countries. When will the Palestinians ever take responsibility for their own actions?

"The choices that Israel makes have implications for the United States. It is time for America to use its power to influence counterproductive Israeli policies such as building illegal settlements on confiscated Palestinian land and subjecting Palestinians to Apartheid-like existence.
Isn't it nice to see CAIR and the Wahhabi's pick up on the language of Jimmy Carter? We have long attempted to convince Israel not to expand settlements, and indeed, Israel has given essentially the entire Gaza Strip to Palestinians, and has pulled back from many of its settlements in the West Bank. As to the buzz words "Apartheid-like," there is nothing stopping the Palestinians from setting up an orderly and productive society in Gaza. The solution begins there -- not with the United States kowtowing to the demands of Wahhabi Islamists.
"Any real and lasting resolution to the Middle East conflict will also have to address Israel's brutal occupation, the Palestinian right of return and the holy status of Jerusalem for Muslims worldwide.
If no other sentence by CAIR gives away their true intent, this one certainly does. CAIR is asserting an innate right to claim Jerusalem for the Muslim world. The fact that Jerusalem is the most holy site in the world for Jews and Christians is not mentioned -- nor, I doubt, did it ever enter the author's mind. Why is that? This goes to the ultimate intent of the radical Wahhabi Islamists -- to wipe Israel from the map, and indeed, reinstitute claim to all lands that were ever in Muslim hands historically. That is step one.

Israel is a state with both a legal and historical claim to the land on which it sits, including Jerusalem. Israel is not an occupying entity. As to brutality, Israel's hands are not clean. But, in comparison to the brutality of the Palestinians and other Islamists, with the slaughter of women and children applauded by the Arabs, there is no comparison whatsoever. To call Israel brutal while ignoring the actions of Palestinians and their radical Muslim supporters goes beyond hypocrisy. They think we are guilt ridden idiots to be manipulated.

I could go on listing what CAIR says, but much of what I would say in response is already set forth above. The bottom line is that CAIR is a viper in the midst of our secular liberal democracy. While I, like Voltaire, will defend CAIR's right while in this country to say what they want, I will, and urge you to join me, in doing everything possible to thwart CAIR from taking their twisted messages into the acceptable mainstream of American thought.

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