Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hello, Auntie-Mum . . .

Finish this line: You know your British when you go to family reunions . . . .

the correct answer, "to meet women." . . . or "men," as the case may be.

At least that's the impression I get after reading up on the facts in The Telegraph documenting the latest from a BBC report supporting an incestuous relationship between brother and sister. Displaying the latest in multicultural chic, the Beeb reporter was sympathetic and apparently saw nothing untoward in the relationship. Anyone want to bet that the schooling he received did not include a degree in genetics or pediatrics. Ahhhhh, but what of the liklihood of birth defects when there are cultural and religous taboos that can be challenged by the BBC. So avant garde they are. I could add amoral, suicidally liberal, etc., etc. Read the story here.

Alas, what amazes me truly is that, time and again when the BBC is attacked for being exceedingly biased and liberal in their reporting, they always denounce the charges, then pay one reseach organization or another to do a study that buttresses their claim. That the Brit's have not yet marched a million strong onto 10 Downing Street to demand that the BBC News be spun off the public tit is just beyond me. The blood of Alfred the Great, William the Conquerer, Richard the Lionheart, Churchill, etc. has become very dilute over the years, apparently -- and somewhere in the national DNA, a lamb and a lemming or two snuck in (Hey, if incest is ok, whose to complain about a wee bit of bestiality. I am sure that, if the BBC can support incest, they would not feel sheepish at all about supporting bestiality as a permissible life choice).

Below I posted on how the intersection of multiculturalism and Wahhabi Islam is destroying traditional European values. I need to amend that post to add the BBC.

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