Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA) - Busted

The FBI is reporting today that they have indicted 5 officers and directors of the now closed U.S. branch of an Islamic charity, the Islamic American Relief Agency. The men have been charged with illegally transferring funds to Iraq prior to 2003, as well as "laundering money, stealing federal funds, and obstructing tax laws by, among other things, falsely denying that a procurement agent of Osama bin Laden had been an employee of the charity." Good work.


Faultline USA said...

That's very good news!

Watcher said...

Another 5 Muslim fifth columnists indicted.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! First off, thanks for stopping by my blog over at Maverick News Network.

I also wish to thank you for this important tip-off.

Keep up the fine work!


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