Friday, March 9, 2007

Dr. Santy Expounds On Displacement by the Left

Dr. Sanity shining her spotlight on the pscyhological malignancies of the left as they ignore successes occurring in the surge in order to embrace and revel in defeat.

The truth is that Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha and the other Democratic leaders are completely uninterested in whether or not the Surge might work, primarily because they are wholly committed to American failure in Iraq.

Failure in Iraq means success for them, and a failure for President Bush and Republicans.

As I commented in the post just prior to this one: The Democrats are far more interested in "directly challenging President Bush" than they are in directly challenging the real enemies of civilization or the United States.
. . . .
What we are witnessing then, in their indifference to any actual facts about the matter; or their casual lack of concern the consequences of their thoughtless behavior and frenzied oppositional activity--is a psychological defensive maneuver that is probably the most common psycological response to the worldwide threat of Islamofascism since 9/11. This response is a very specific kind of psychological denial; and it is called displacement.
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