Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Continuing Debate: What to do with Terrorists

This particular argument has been playing out since 9-11, when we started to capture not only battlefield combatants, but also known and suspected terrorists. On one side of the debate are the practical and common sense arguments against giving rights to the Guantanmo detainees, coupled with the fact that there is no precedent in our legal history for doing so. I concur with that argument.

The other side, led of late by Democrat Senator Chris Dodd, is that those whom we capture should be afforded the rights of all U.S. citizens and that they should have recourse to our court system. Can you imagine for a moment, giving every WWII POW access to the court system -- and the possiblity of release prior to D-Day, for example.

At any rate, several people smarter then I continue the debate today. For the left are Alberto Mora and Thomas Pickering, whose arguments appear in the Washington Post today. Powerline responds here.

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