Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Coalition of the Bribed - And Beaten

Nancy Pelosi, unable to win an up or down vote for the craven schemes she has dreamed up with Jack Murtha to scuttle the American mission in Iraq, and refusing to acknowledge the success of the surge to this point, has, as pointed out in earlier posts, loaded up the supplemental appropriations bill with an obscene amount of pork in order to buy votes. But even that is not assured of working, so Ms. Pelosi has now taken to threats of loss of committee seats and loss of funding for projects in order to put the finishing touches on her coalition. Evidently, nothing is beyond this women in her goal to insure that the surge is stopped in its tracks and then, forced into that ever euphamistic, "new direction." What is almost more disgusting then the acts of Ms. Pelosi are that her bribes and threats may actually sway members of the House. Read the story here.

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