Friday, March 23, 2007

Multiculturalism & the Crime of Religious Harassment

The far left have had the UK firmly in their control for years - and they have been busy turning out legislation to make their leftist philosophy of multiculturalism the law of the land. So, to ask a Muslim woman simply to remove her veil is considered an act of religious harassment. And for such an act of religious harassment, a native of Britain, the father of a child, was ordered to jail today for a nine month sentence.

A DRUNK who asked a Muslim woman to raise her veil in public has been jailed for nine months for his troubles.

John Gallacher was the worst for drink, but did not touch Kadiza Begum.

Yet she insisted he was charged with religious harassment after the incident at a bus-stop in London's East End.

. . . Gallacher told the court he had recently been beaten up by Asians and was speaking to the woman at the bus stop and just wanted to know who he was talking to. He admitted religiously aggravated harassment.

His lawyer Edward Ferner said: "There was, of course, no physical contact."

But Judge Martin Reynolds said Parliament has made it clear any form of racial or religious insult is "not to be tolerated."

He told Gallacher: "I accept there was no physical touching. Nevertheless, it is a serious matter."
Read the whole story here. The only reason he is being punished is for asking a Muslim woman to remove, specifically, her veil.

Wahhabi islamists in Britain, rather then integrate into British society and culture, have made a successful effort to convince the U.K.'s multiculturalists to grant Islam special status - even criminal protection from criticism of Islam, in fact. And CAIR is seeking to see the same special treatment in the U.S. One small step for radical islam, one giant leap for the West towards dhimmitude.

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Anonymous said...

One has to wonder what the punishment is for asking a non-Muslim woman to lift her shirt in public. I'm guessing the perpetrator would risk a slap in the face, but no jail time.

I wonder what effect this kind of punishment would have on Spring Break in the US, or Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


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