Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Whom Will Hamas-Fatah Fool?

The ink was just barely dry on the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement when Hamas announced that they still do not accept Israel's right to exist and further, that "the so-called 'right of return,' or unlimited immigration of millions of foreign Arabs to the State of Israel - which would lead to the destruction of Israel . . ." is "non-negotiable." The Hamas-Fatah unity government is not off to a promising start - or at least, not if the goal was peace with Israel and a functioning government and economy for the Palestinians.

So one would think that none of the countries that had shut off aid to the Hamas government as a terror supporting entity would embrace this Palestinian unity government made over in name only.

But, then again, one would be wrong.

Caroline Glick explains it all in her article here. And Hamas has already taken credit since the signing of the agreement for terror attacks inside Israel. See here. It would seem that the only effects of this new government will be to lessen the internecine warfare between Hamas and Fatah while allowing the ever increasingly anti-semetic Europe the bare patina of cover it needs to restart support for the terrorists in Palestine. The Euro-lemmings continue their erstwhile march towards the status of dhimmi.

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