Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let The CAIR-Flying Imam P.R. Campaign Begin

CAIR’s national legal director, Arsalan Iftikhar, is busy writing opinion pieces about the Flying Imams and racial profiling from the radical Wahhabists point of view, and at least one "useful idiot" newspaper has seen fit to give him a podium.

Many watching the Flying Imams case strongly suspect that this whole farce was stage managed by CAIR to provide grist to justify the passage of a truly atrocious piece of legislation that CAIR has been promoting for years – The End Racial Profiling Act. Iftikhar’s opinion piece does nothing to dispel that belief. The entire piece is devoted to playing up the Flying Imams and discussing how evil law enforcement are engaging in unlawful racial profiling against muslims in the wake of 9-11.

You have to love this guy’s arguments. One, all of the evidence about what the Flying Imams did to get tossed from the plane are all lies. As Iftikhar puts it:

. . . [F]alse media reports after the incident stated some of the following false claims: The imams were praying inside the plane, they were chanting pro-Saddam statements, and other silly accusations.
Lies- all lies I say. Hmmm, you can review the lies here and decide for yourself.

Two, paying attention to Muslims acting strange on a flight has no reasonable basis:

. . . The case of the imams’ ejection from an airliner highlights the growing politics of fear and how this hysteria is manifesting itself in our American social fabric.
Its that damned Islamaphobia again. We should be paying attention to fundamentalist Christians and those radical Jews. Let's leave the peace loving Wahhabists alone. By the way, to see Wahhabi Islam in its true form, check out here.

This is nothing more then CAIR trying to change the fabric of America to make it safe for Wahhabi Islam. The remainder of Iftikhar’s arguments go to the evils of racial profiling and playing up the End Racial Profiling Act.

Just so you know, the End Racial Profiling Act would drastically change how our law enforcement would do its work. It would let Muslims sue individual security personnel for racial profiling based on a pure numbers game. If, out of every 100 people searched by a guard, four are Muslim, that guard is deemed to have committed unlawful racial profiling if the population density of Muslims in the local area is less then 4 per 100. The burden of proof shifts to the guard to prove that he did not racially profile. And who could not imagine that the day after this legislation is enacted, CAIR starts filing class action suits against the FBI, etc. If this ever gets put into law, America as a nation can hang it up.

I truly hope that the Airways – or the John Does sued in the Flying Imam lawsuit – fashion their discovery to expose CAIR’s involvement in stage managing the Flying Imam incident. And that they then sue CAIR for every Wahhabi penny supplied by CAIR’s Saudi benefactors. The bottom line, CAIR needs to watched and challenged at every turn.

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