Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Crimes That Weren't - A Republican Outrage

First we had a three year criminal investigation that occurred after it was determined that no crime had been committed -- that was the Libby trial. That occurred because Republicans caved to Democratic pressure. See here.

Now we have the Democrats, complete with front page headline news in the ever congenial MSM newspapers, claiming that there was a scandal in the firing of seven U.S. attorneys. See the NYT here, and the Washington Post here. But this is a non-issue. U.S. attorneys are a part of the Executive branch and serve at the pleasure of the President. They can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all. Initially upon taking office in 1993, Bill Clinton sacked every U.S. attorney -- that means ninety-three. Nothing was raised at the time because it was a non-issue. It was well within his Constitutional powers to take that action.

I want to scream. Why in God's name is not every Republican out there screaming about this in front of every television camera they can find, charging every Democratic senator and representative claiming this to be a scandal with gross hypocrisy, cynicism, and a failure to read the Constitution -- or at least the part were it talks about a separation of powers. Once again, this administration, and every elected Republican in Congress, is defending itself like a 3 year old child. Where is B-1 Bob Dornan when you need him? For the sake of the Republican party, we need to reelect him or elect his clone. This current crop of Republicans are political wimps incapable of effectively defending themselves -- to the detriment of the country as a whole.

Update: See here for hypocrisy writ so large on this issue that it can only be described as Schumerian.

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